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14 pcs nickel plated high carbon steel manicure set
Item #GSPS2-1
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14 pcs nickel plated high carbon steel manicure set
Find out what many of our customers already know - this 14-piece set contains absolutely everything you need for a perfect manicure, pedicure and facial. Handmade in Solingen, Germany by expert craftsmen, each piece has been individually designed for a high level of performance and durability. The metal instruments were fashioned from high carbon steel and nickel-plated for an added layer of protection that extends their longevity. The genuine leather case zips opens to reveal an assortment of grooming tools that offer professional quality, accuracy and precision. The cutting edges of the cuticle and nail nippers and scissors are super sharp, while the sapphire nail file expertly smoothes each nail. There are three different types of tweezers, including the popular automatic one that provides effortless efficiency. Facials are enhanced with a comedone extractor, allowing you to safely eliminate these blemishes. A corn plane treats your feet with special attention, as it gets rid of annoying imperfections. Each and every implement in this set is intended to take care of all your personal grooming needs. One black leather case and 14 essential tools equal the ultimate manicure, pedicure and facial experience.
by Gosol Solingen, Germany
Material:  High Carbon Steel Finish:  High Polished
# of pieces:  14
Case Information
Width:  5.12 inch Length:  8.66 inch
Material:  Leather Color:  Black
Rating: 2.0  
Slightly dissapointed
by Mike E.
Although all the cutting utensils and tweezers appear to be of a very high quality I was most disappointed with the plastic handled items. They feel light and cheap. The metal shafts of these items do not appear or feel as if the protrude deeply into the handles. I do not have a high level of confidence that they will last as long as the other items. I will be more discerning with my next purchase
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Rating: 5.0  
shipp to Romania
by Johnn
How much does it cost to shipp in Romania ?
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Rating: 3.0  
Great set for the price, but not the best quality
by Susan Stein
I loved this set when I first got it, and everything worked well, EXCEPT that the nail clippers scraped together on the inside of the handle--in other words, the mechanism for creating tension when you are clipping wasn't fitted precisely. So a scrape mark formed on the inside handle and this piece performed with a lack of smoothness. It still got the job done, though. Also, I did see some rust forming on a couple of pieces after I soaked them in alcohol to clean them. Zamberg told me to send this set back for a full refund; I am going to exchange for a stainless steel set that doesn't quite have all the bells and whistles that this set has, and is a bit pricier for fewer pieces, but I would rather pay for a really good set and not have to worry about it rusting or scraping. Zamberg is FANTASTIC to work with!
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Rating: 5.0  
I have everything I need, just about...
by sis
I love this set and I'm glad I broke down and bought a high-quality product; I can now take care of ingrown toenails properly, and I've read online how to do so; the problem is going away! I also bought a heel rasp because I am somewhat afraid to use the razor on my feet, but I am also learning how to use it correctly. For me, well worth the money!!! Goodbye Revlon!
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Rating: 5.0  
14 piece set
by John Paul
An expensive set, but seems well worth it. Arrived on time in perfect condition.
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Rating: 4.0  
14 piece mani and pedi set
by mjoys29
Beautiful set! Arrived only a few days after ordering. I had a similar set many years ago, it dwindled away, and I have been looking long and hard to replace it. My expectations were high, and this set exceeded expectations. Great quality, well put together, efficient with space, easy to use and travel with. The black leather case is lovely, tho I would have liked to have another color option. Also would have liked a pamphlet explaining some of the items and their use, and how to acquire replacement blades for the plane. I'll probably figure it all out, tho, so overall I give great marks.
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Rating: 5.0  
Amazing gift
by Gary S.
Beautifully made set in a genuine leather case with everything in it. I bought two sets, one for me and one as a gift which was very well received.
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Rating: 5.0  
Great product
by Liz D.
This is the most convenient manicure set I could ever ask for. thank you Zamberg for the fast shipping and great products
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